Gate motors

DACE Sprint gate motor

DACE Gate motor with rack.

Gate motors are supplied with baseplate, bolts and nuts

Gate motors are supplied with two times 2 meter length racks (4m total)

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Paint (colours)

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Welding Rods

(2kg and 5kg)

welding rods

Gemini RB36 Welding Electrodes

welding rods

Gemini RB36 Welding Electrodes supplied in 2kg and 5kg packs

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Bullet hinges -
16mm X 70mm
and 12mm X 70mm

Butterfly hinge

Long dropside hinge

Short dropside hinge

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Ultra Locks

Striker Lock

Security Gate Lock

Pad Bolt

Oval Bolt

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6 Lugs – 45mm X 30mm X 3.5mm with 13mm or 10mm hole

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Rawl Bolts

7 Rawl Bolts - M16, M12, M10, M8, M6

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Cutting and Grinding

Cut-off and grinding discs - 230mm diameter X 2mm or 3mm or 6mm thickness

Cut-off and grinding discs - 115mm diameter X 1mm or 2.5mm or 6mm thickness

Flapper discs - 115mm diameter - 60grit and 80 grit

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Gate wheels & rollers

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Rollock kits

Rollock - assembly guide

Rollock - front assembly

Rollock - rear assembly

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Other products – also supplied by Proline

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Security Doors

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Wall Panels

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Panels painted with red oxide

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Burglar Bars

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Steel Furniture