Why install a fence?

Many homeowners understand how fencing act as a primary security device to keep threatening people and animals away from their property. A fence keeps children and pets in your yard and other people and animals out of your yard and home. A fence around your property is one of the best ways to keep your family and belongings safe.

What are the benefits of palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing can be made of wood, steel, or concrete and is assembled into a fence with posts and rails. It is an excellent type of fencing that looks great around your home and can be painted any colour to enhance the beauty of your home.

The greatest advantage of palisade fencing is that it is difficult for intruders to penetrate, making it an excellent first line of defence for your home. Because of how it is constructed, it is difficult to climb over. Furthermore, palisade fencing is difficult to cut through. Additionally, palisade fencing has gaps between the posts, preventing criminals from hiding behind it. You can also install an electric fence on top of your palisade for added security.

How do you choose a gate motor?

Several factors determine which gate motor you should choose.

  • The gate leaf weight and length. Generally, the shorter the gate leaf, the heavier it can be.
  • The number of gate leaves. You’ll need to choose between gate drives with a built-in control unit in one of the drives and drives that require a control unit purchase. Some drives are universal and can be mounted on the right and left leaf, but others are specific to one side of the gate – left-hand drive or right-hand drive.
  • The available assembly space considering post width and the position of gate hinges. Most leading gate automation manufacturers provide solutions for nearly every gate, including those with limited space.
  • Usage frequency. The devices on the market vary in efficiency, which is usually expressed in the number of cycles per day or hour. For example, a home drive with a daily efficiency of 10 cycles will not work well on a frequently used entrance to a housing estate or a business.
  • The voltage of the drive power supply. There are four power supply options for gate motors: 24V, 36V, 230V, and 400V. Drives with 24V and 36V voltage will be primarily useful in the home. They typically have a lower frequency of use. Still, they make up for it with various additional functions, such as anti-crush systems, soft start/stop function (extends the life of the drive), or the ability to power such a drive with a battery.

Which is better, swing or sliding gate?

Choosing between a swing or sliding gate requires a few considerations.

Considering "swing distance" is critical when purchasing a swing gate as it requires significant free space. In addition, these gates need heavy-duty posts to hang the gate. Sliding gates are ideal when